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Subject:finally something crafty!
Time:12:58 am
made 2 stockings today - the one on the right was just a practice one with glittery felt

also made some ornaments- the pictures are really bad, sorry
here is the front

here is the back

also made some fabric cards from denyse schmidt's book

i am so psyched i got to do something crafty tonight -

i am probably going to cross post some of this because i am so excited i got something finished!
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Time:09:41 pm
looky here
i found a snail....

jack wants me to make a face for it
we'll see
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Subject:finally finished something
Time:08:09 pm
i finally finished something. here is christo's hat.
he picked out the colors (same colors as in the snb book, but he didn't know that. weird.). he also asked for it to be extra long so he could fold it up.
mabye i finished it because we had that extra hour today.

actually, i finished it in the car on the way to an awesome pumpkin patch. i also worked on the knitted babe's legs and a snail.
more pictures to come tomorrow. i did the babe's dress yesterday, but it is too short, so i need to figure out something.

can't wait to carve the pumpkins tomorrow. will post pictures. jack wants to do the spider and wants me to make a funny face one and chris to do a kitty. don't know what he wants mags to do.

anyway, just found flickr photos site - love it. will be posting lots of pics there.
(man, i am totally starting to annoy myself. just post the damn photos and stop talking about it, eh?)

that's it for now, folks...
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Time:08:51 pm
started working on a dress for the knitted babes doll. i need to make her hair, arms and legs, but those can come later - after the dress -
jack says she is creepy -so of course that means i chase him around the house with her, saying "hello!" in this really over-the-top british accent. lots of fun before bedtime!
i will post pics soon - camera needs to be recharged and finding the cord is pretty hopeless.

i am so inspired because i read two fabulous blogs today of crafty ladies who HAVE KIDS and they still have time to make stuff... AND take pictures...AND post on blogs ....

click here to see one of the cool blogs/sites

it CAN be done - as soon as maggie learns how to sleep without her flippin hand on my face - but it CAN be done - yay!
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Time:08:29 pm
Current Mood:anxiousanxious
bye-bye mom-ness
i have decided that family and mommy stuff should be in its own blog, so they are now somewhere else. if you really must know where (and you should because it is very funny stuff), let me know and i will point the way

i can't wait to get some things in the mail -
i got a vintage pattern from ebay -

this is the seller's picture - i can't wait to make the kitty - i am going to teach myself the ins and outs of making stuffed toys - i'll start with using some vintage patterns to show me the ropes - i've only known how to use a sewing machine for a year, for pete's sake -

also, it looks like the toy knitting book that i bought last night sold out, so i was one of the last lucky ones to grab it up before it got away -

i love getting things in the mail

while i was drawing with jack today, i drew a shape and then thought of all the dolls i could make with it - it was a good creative exercise - if i could find the pictures i drew, i would post it, but let's get real- my house is a landmine right now-

that's about it - i am trying to talk hubby into going back to california in feb. to visit friends, my old stitch and bitch group and to go to stitches west!! how fun would that be, to stay in the same hotel as the show so i could just traipse on down to the expo and shop my little heart out (in my fantasies i have loads of money to spend on yarn and craft supplies!)
i gotta go get crafty
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Time:09:01 pm
oh my gosh, look at what i just bought -

can't wait to knit the little cuties in there

i have started one project today - its a secret until i finish it though -
i also went through some magazines to get some inspiration - i did this over the weekend in the hotel room while maggie slept - i tore out lots of little pictures to put on my bulletin board

mommy friends
went to the park, but no mommies to be found

lynette (desperate housewives)section
as you probably know, maggie thinks she can only sleep while her hand is touching me, so every 20 minutes or so, when we hear her cry, i have to run upstairs 2 at a time because i don't want her to completely wake up, or else my night is over. so anyway, due to my severe lack of fitness, this leaves me completely breathless, so i plop down beside her, putting my head on her hand and start to sing. .. "my maggie lies over the ocean, (pant, pant) my maggie lies over the sea, (pant, pant).. . " and so on and so on - i always try not to breathe too deeply right on the poor dear's face, but if i try to hold my breath, my lungs start to quiver - not a good scene

sorry for the boring post, but my brain is like vanilla yogurt that has been left out for an hour or so -
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Subject:pouty bunny
Time:08:20 pm
look at the pouty little bunny

maybe she was pouting because she was on the floor of a college dining hall

family stuff
just got back from wisconsin where my grandfather was inducted into the lawrence university athletic hall of fame. it was so cool. he gave a great speech that made me cry (and made me really miss chris and jack.) everyone was thanking their families and spouses and friends, and it was just such a sweet atmosphere.

crafty stuff
i am trying not to get frustrated by the fact that maggie can only sleep touching my face (really sweet, i know, but after 7 months of it, it can be a little taxing). it really cuts down on the crafty time - i sit there sometimes trying burn all of my crafty ideas into my head - i tried writing them down on a little notepad by the bed in the dark, but not so successful..
anyway, the point is - not much going on the craft front
i did, however, try out my sewing machine and the movers didn't break it - even though my carrying case for it was smashed

time to eat
more later
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Current Music:liz phair
Time:08:50 pm
Current Mood:crankycranky
family stuff
chris is upstairs trying to "break" maggie like a horse from only being able to fall asleep with me - it's not going so well, i think chris is getting broken- he's been at it for about 40 minutes. . .

last night, went to the high school cross country conference championship meet and little brother won! and my other brother ran well, too - very tough. lots of fun

jack says i love you - heartbreakingly cute
maggie is still scooting at the speed of sound

2 hedgehogs are in progress
about 70 percent done with my knitted babe - she is pale white with awesome red hair - can't wait to post a picture of her when she is done - can't wait to make clothes for her - still don't know her style yet

potential mom-friends
number of moms i encountered: 4
number of those moms i could possibly be friends with: 0
example: a mom wearing tent pants - didn't know they made such things, but i am here to tell 'ya, they exist - and it ain't pretty... anyway, this tent mother was telling another mother how to play with her children, as in,"you could sit and role play with them like i am doing. we are pretending to make a carrot smoothie." a what?! are you for real? do you think any kid in their right mind would, first of all, want their mom to wear tent pants, and second of all, want to pretend to make a CARROT smoothie?!

candy of the day
still the peppermint things - they are called bob's sweet stripes - i have to post a picture of them b/c they are yummy AND cute
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Current Music:slow, chill mix
Subject:just a kid
Time:08:53 pm
Current Mood:burned out
family stuff alert
we went to the park today and a 4 year old came up to jack and said,"are you a baby?" jack just looked at him, so the kid asked again and jack said,"no, just a kid." for some reason it broke my heart into a thousand pieces. chris and i were talking about how it is so wild to see him interact with other people - he is this little person that we created and now he can have conversations with other people without any input from us. the little birdy is learning to fly...

crafty stuff
3 hedgehogs are done - but you can't see them until i perfect them a little bit and knit some more in different colors and make some grass and trees for them to play in. wow, that's an awful lot of things i have to do before you can see them and at the rate i'm going it may take awhile -
if you guys could all just send some mega-sleep vibes to maggie, i could do lots of craftiness while she naps -
i also hung 5 pictures, 2 flowers and a shelf of animals in maggie's room today -that sort of counts as craftiness, right?
i got the knitted babes book and have joined the knitted babes knit-along (http://knittedbabes.blogspot.com)
will update when i get started on her - can't wait to make some clothes for her - not sure what fashion taste she will have yet, but we will see

new section alert
i have decided that i need a new section to write about my quest to find at least one or two cool mommy friends.

today's stats:
number of moms i encountered: 5
number of those moms i could possibly be friends with: 0
must i really give more of an explanation? okay, okay, let's just say that a 15 minute conversation about how one's 5-year-old may need braces in the distant future isn't really my idea of entertainment. (especially when the speaker has the hugest horse mouth i've ever seen and all i keep thinking is, "well, seabiscuit, i don't know where you'd get the idea that she needs braces - it's just a small overbite"- and for all you folks out there who can't get sarcasm, that statement was dripping with it)

new section number 2 alert - directed to the writers of desperate housewives - specifically those in charge of felicity huffman's character
this section is for those mommy kinds of things that happen to me that can't accurately be portrayed or captured by words in a journal, but really need to be on the screen instead.
for example, my children trapped me and held me prisoner for two hours today. they both fell asleep on me and wouldn't you know it - i couldn't fall asleep- despite the fact that i haven't had a good night's sleep in about 8 months! i slowly tried to reach over maggie to get my book, but they both started waking up, stirring around and eyes peeking open. so i jerked back down into the fake-sleep position. a few minutes later i tried to reach out for my glass of water, no good. so, for almost two hours i just stared off into space (with the occasional glance at the little beauties/monsters)
another example for this section would be when i locked the kids into the car while it was running and had to go introduce myself to my new neighbors by asking to use the phone...

and folks, can you believe it, i must add one more section - candy of the day
today it's fruit rollups which in lots of households qualifies as a fruit, but let's be honest with ourselves
i am also into those soft, sweet peppermints - the starlight mints are too strong- these are very sweet - yum
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Current Music:the baby monitor and two lovely sleeping babies breathing
Time:03:13 pm
Current Mood:thoughtfulthoughtful
family stuff - but with commentary on society- sort of
i finally finished sewing the seams for maggie's pants that i knit for her before she was born - and now she can wear them! (thankfully i knit them way too big for her, knowing that i would not finish them for quite awhile!)

here is a picture - what a cute little bum

and another

anyway, we went to the park today, and of course, maggie chose to wear her new knit pants.
after some reflection, i realized that the reactions i got to her pants were a good barometer of how likely it would be that i would choose to hang out with the person commenting on them.

example number 1.
i met this mother and her son with curly blond locks and her swedish parents - they were all completely amazing. they were the kind of people that have radiating sparks of happiness coming from them and you can't help but be in a good mood around them. (as in, it's physically impossible)
so we talked for awhile and they commented that jack looks like an angel with his hair, which obviously he is . . and we talked about california, and on and on and on
then, the mother looked at maggie and said, "oh my gosh, i LOVE her pants - did you knit them?" i blushed and said, "yes, i did knit them and this is her first day wearing them." the wonderful grandfather said he wished he could have a pair and the mother repeated how much she loved them.

now, lets move on to scenario number 2.
a caravan of minivans (a cara-mini-van, if you will) of suuuthern moms and kids came pouring into the park, and one mom-kid set came over to the swings. i was pushing jack in the swing and maggie was in the baby bjorn (a pouch on my chest, for you non-moms out there). she looked us over as she talked in a s...l..o...w... southern drawl to her buzz-cut boy and said, "is that a little girl?" i thought she was talking about jack, because most people around here think that if a child doesn't look like he has an army recruiter for a daddy, then it must be a girl, but she was looking at maggie. i said "yes, she is", thinking to myself that even though i'm pretty open-minded about clothes, i still wouldn't dress my son in a shirt with embroidered flowers and pink ruffles on the sleeve cuffs, so hell yes, she is a girl.
she gave a deep laugh and said (again in a SLOW drawl), "oh, i didn't know because she has on the blue pants and all." are you serious - you gender-confused-slaw-eating idiot?

needless to say, i would have loved to become a mommy-friend to the swedish mother and would have loved to never see the southern slaw-heffer again. and i promise it has nothing to do with their respective reactions to mag's pants; their reactions were merely neon signs saying what i already knew - the first mom was cool, the second was not.

the end.
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